ASQ 101 Course Offering

American Society for Quality – Quality 101

Below is important information that you will need to fully participate in the AOPO ASQ Quality 101 program.  The first step is to register for the course, which you can do by clicking here.

This course is offered entirely online. Within 5 working days after you complete your registration, you will receive an e-mail message explaining how to begin the ASQ 101 program. All of the coursework and the ASQ materials are online.  Click here for the course outline  and here for additional information.  You will have one year from the time you REGISTER for the class to complete the ASQ 101 course.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility. ASQ’s Quality 101 course is designed to meet organizational needs for basic quality awareness and competency. This course helps organizations build a foundation for excellence by addressing both philosophical and application essentials of quality.

At the end of the training session, participants will have increased their expertise in the practices and principles of quality. All concepts presented in the facilitated course are introduced, supported and expanded in six participant modules totaling more than 200 pages. These modules can be used on the job as a reference tool after course completion.

Webinars, registration, payments, the AOPO program, or technical issues: Mark Paster, 703-556-4242 ext. 207 or
Content questions about course material: Dr. Michael Hagan, 734-973-1577 or