Professional Development

ASQ 101

AOPO provides its member organizations with advocacy, knowledge transfer, and business benefits. In addition, AOPO offers OPO personnel opportunities for continuing education. Currently, AOPO is offering ASQ 101. This online course introduces quality concepts and tools to employees new to quality, and to those with some previous background in quality. Quality 101 is based upon ASQ's Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Improvement Associate certification exam. Additional information about the AOPO ASQ Quality 101 course is available by clicking here.

If you would like to register for the on-line course, please click here. If you have questions about webinars, registration, payment, the AOPO program (course instructions), or technical issues, please contact Mark Paster at (703) 556-4242 ext. 207. If you have questions about the content, or the course materials, please direct them to Dr. Michael Hagan at (734) 973-1577.

Continuing Education Credits

AOPO also provides member physicians with continuing medical education credits at its January Directors’ Workshop. In order to earn these credits, member physicians engage in activities that can range from analyzing and evaluating the future of donor management goals to updating current practices regarding organ placement. Other continuing education credits include CEUs for nurses, and CEPTCs, continuing education credits from the American Board for Transplant Certification.

External Employee Education

For those who are new to the organ donation and transplant community, NATCO, The Organization for Transplant Professionals offers an introductory course for both procurement and transplant professionals. NATCO also offers 24/7 access to CEUs via their online education portal. For more information, please visit NATCO’s website.