AOPO is grateful for the ongoing and generous support from these organizations:

Platinum Level Industry Partners


Organ Recovery Systems

Organ Recovery Systems is the world’s leading provider of organ preservation products and services. Through delivering truly innovative, high quality, medical devices, and support systems, ORS is at the forefront of revolutionizing donor organ preservation to help improve the quality and availability of donor organs.


RTI Donor Services

RTI Donor Services is a not-for-profit, American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)-accredited organization that is dedicated to serving donor families and the donation community by working with organ and tissue agencies to provide responsible stewardship while perpetuating the circle of life.

Gold Level Industry Partners



Cryolife® is one of the world’s leading contemporary medical device companies, preserved human cardiac and vascular tissues, surgical adhesives and sealants, cardiac lasers and implantable end-stage renal disease access grafts for the repair of complex cardiac and vascular reconstruction surgeries.

transplant connect

Transplant Connect

The innovative donation-transplant software leader, Transplant Connect is Always Innovating. Adopted by a wide majority of OPOs in the U.S. and internationally, our award-winning iTransplant System is the premier clinical, analytics, tracking and communications software in donation, and our innovative iReferral EMR Interface Engine is rapidly expanding in U.S. hospitals, automating referrals and substantially increasing organs recovered and transplanted.

Silver Level Industry Partners



Allergan is a global pharmaceutical leader focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products. LifeCell Corporation, an Allergan affiliate, is an AATB-accredited organization that maximizes donation by advancing the science of acellular dermal matrices and tissue processing.

MTF Trio

MTF Biologics

MTF Biologics is a non-profit service organization dedicated to providing quality tissue through a commitment to excellence in education, research, recovery and care for recipients, donors and their families.



At LifeLogics, we are dedicated to streamlining the work in this dedicated community through better technology, validated systems, and proven system delivery. We are a team of IT and clinical professionals with years of experience in building mission critical clinical systems to save and enhance lives.

Lung Bio

Lung Biengineering

Lung Bioengineering is focused on the commercialization, research and development of unique products to address the unmet medical needs of patients. We believe serving others is more than just a responsibility – it’s a privilege. We try to breathe life into everything we do, and pride ourselves on contributing time and resources to help patients with fatal lung diseases.

Clinical Consulting_Spnsr Logo Web

Clinical Consulting Associates

Clinical Consulting Associates provides professional, unique and flexible staffing solutions for organ procurement organizations, as well as, import organ offer screening and processing for transplant programs. We are an experienced team of Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinators with clinical expertise in all aspects of the organ donation process.

Bronze Level Industry Partners


Promethera Biosciences

Promethera Biosciences is a global innovator in liver therapeutics whose mission is to bring life-saving treatments to reduce the need for liver transplantation.

Bridge to Life_Spnsr Logo Web

Bridge to Life

Bridge to Life is a biotechnology company formed to advance the science of organ procurement and preservation and to research, develop and commercialize medical technologies.


Community Tissue Services

Community Tissue Services provides services to donor families, medical communities, recipients, and community partners through recovery, processing, and distribution of tissue grafts.



CompuMed’s OPO solution helps to improve donor case turnaround time and increase the number of organs recovered per donor. Our Board-Certified specialists provide 24/7 STAT interpretations of cardiology and radiology exams including serial echos and Critical Care Consulting. In addition, we offer a basic echocardiogram course for transplant coordinators.



Axogen is focused specifically on the science, development and commercialization of technologies for peripheral nerve regeneration and repair. We are passionate about helping patients with physical damage or discontinuity to peripheral nerves by providing innovative, clinically proven and economically effective solutions for surgeons and health care providers.

omni life

Omni Life

Omni Life was founded in 2016 based on the need to make the organ procurement process more efficient. The first production-ready product, TXP Chat™, is a secure messaging app, the first of many powerful solutions for the medical industry.

For more information on AOPO Industry Partners please contact Katie Hathaway, CMP, Meetings Manager.