Things are looking different at the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO). Not only
have we gone through a rebranding, but we are taking the association a new direction that will lead to
change and improvement in the OPO community. What an exciting time to be part of AOPO!

New Branding and Communications

I hope you have noticed the visual change at AOPO with our new logo and branding, new website, and
updated messaging. We are expanding the way we connect with our members, policymakers, and other
audiences through a variety of communications, including digital and social media. For example, this
new blog will be coming to you monthly as a way for me to share my thoughts with you on the OPO
community and keep you informed about the efforts we are making to ensure more people receive life-
saving organs. You also will receive our revised AOPO Update newsletter that will be covering AOPO
focused news and events.

Also in an effort toward better communication, we are preparing to launch a media outreach campaign
to get the word out about issues of importance to the OPO community and the leadership that AOPO
will be providing as we work together to improve our results and show that we are indeed the world
leader in organ procurement.

Join our Advocacy Campaign

At the base of this effort is a new advocacy campaign. The strength of this campaign will be your
involvement and engagement, allowing us to all come together for the greater good of the community.
Already, over 3,000 of you have united to send more than 10,000 messages to legislators on Capitol Hill
about changes we want to see in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Proposed Rule.
This has resulted in multiple members of Congress contacting CMS in support of OPOs. If you have not
yet done so, join us by adding your voice to the campaign. Click here to send a message to Congress.
But this is just the beginning of our efforts in the advocacy arena. As we move forward into 2021, we will
look to you to grow your relationships and engagement with policymakers to ensure the OPO
perspective is represented whenever policy is developed. As the same time, we will continue to grow
our engagement with organizations within the donation and transplant community, as well as with
federal policymakers. Only through these combined efforts will we begin to change the narrative and
ensure our story is fairly reflected in the public arena.

There will be more changes coming so stay tuned for more updates via AOPO Donation Perspectives. My
hope is to make this a two-way communication by asking you to respond to my blogs with your
comments and thoughts. Together we can lead the way forward to improve the OPO community and
secure our position as the world’s leader in organ procurement.


Steve Miller, CEO, AOPO