Daniel F. Whiteside passed away on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at his home in Washington, DC. Dan was the AOPO Executive Director from late 1994 through October, 1998. He came to AOPO following a 36-year administrative career in the Public Health Service. Over the course of his professional life, he held positions such as the Director of the Bureau of Health Professions, the Director of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and Resources Development, the Chief Dental Officer of the Public Health Service, and the Director of the Bureau of Health Professions.

Dan’s depth of experience brought many enhancements in practical and political arenas. There were many important matters, challenges, and opportunities facing AOPO during his tenure. Dan guided the Association through this historical landscape with outstanding professionalism and finesse. His leadership allowed for great momentum moving the community that is AOPO forward. He arrived at a pivotal time, and was instrumental in identifying priorities and redefining roles and responsibilities. These efforts emerged as foundational over time for the Association and included the implementation of the strategic plan which had elements still important to us today, such as : proactive approach to legislative and regulatory programs, an increase in organ donation, the creation of a partnership for a unified single voice, the establishment of performance standards, the promotion of excellence in OPO practices, and the identification and provision of needed information, services, and education to members.

At the end of his career with AOPO, Dan worked with members to build trust and relations with the other OPO membership organization known as ACORD (American Congress for Organ Recovery and Donation). The collaborative efforts of both organizations resulted in them merging in 1998 under AOPO. Dan was succeeded by Paul Schwab as the Executive Director in 1998.