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AOPO, in conjunction with the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country, is taking measures to increase sustainable practices and provide a sustainable experience throughout the annual meeting.

AOPO’s commitment to sustainability

  • Each attendee receives a reusable water bottle to be used at the meeting and beyond
  • Hydration stations throughout the meeting space where you can refill your water bottle to eliminate plastic waste
  • Use of china at all meal functions to eliminate paper and plastic waste
  • Tote bag for each attendee made of recyclable materials that can continue to be used long after the meeting ends

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country’s commitment to sustainability

  • The in-house chefs donate leftover food to local area food banks, compost, and work with local farmers to provide animal feed from leftover food.
  • Marriott participates in Clean the World. Housekeepers collect the partial soaps which are sent off to be melted down to new soap and sent to countries in need. Additionally, the used mini amenities are collected and donated to shelters.
  • Inside each sleeping room, guests have the option to not have their linens changed daily, the showerheads and toilets are water-efficient, and the air conditioners are smart; recognizing when a guestroom door is open and shut to conserve energy.
  • The meeting rooms are linen free, use note cards versus note pads, and the ink pens are made of recycled materials.