Jessica Nocero Named Director of Quality and Compliance, Tennessee Donor Services


In continuing its commitment to excellence, Tennessee Donor Services (TDS) recently named Jessica Nocero as the new Director of Quality and Compliance.

Nocero brings a wealth of knowledge in the Regulatory Compliance realm by having held several positions within Cardinal Health and most recently at Steris Inc. In addition to Regulatory Compliance, Nocero has experience with clinical trials, remediation for FDA 483’s, and international auditing experience.

Nocero says TDS’ commitment quality drew her to the organization. “TDS culture is all about doing it right. We have a stellar relationship with the FDA,” states Nocero. She continues, “TDS has always worked diligently with our regulatory agencies to set the standards for the industry. I am thrilled to be working with an organization that strives every day to be the benchmark of quality in our industry. We are the ‘cream of the crop’… who doesn’t want to be part of that ‘A Team’?”

Jessica’s knowledge and experience will be a huge asset for DCIDS as we continue to make quality a priority in our strategic planning.
Her invaluable experience, coupled with her passion for our industry will support the DCIDS initiative to further instill the global quality management system and embed the quality culture at TDS.

Jackie Warn, DCIDS Corporate Director of Quality & Compliance

“TDS’s mission is at the heart of everything we do here,” adds Nocero. “The entire organization is incredibly focused on saving and enhancing lives, and I am incredibly aware of how our work in Quality and Compliance critically impacts and contributes to that mission.”

* DCI Donor Services’ family of companies includes DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank, Sierra Eye Bank, and organ procurement organizations in California, New Mexico and Tennessee. We save and enhance lives by connecting people through organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Our unique approach to service allows for nationwide donation, transplantation, and distribution of organs and tissues while maintaining strong community ties.