Nevada Donor Network Announces Record Year for Organ, Tissue and Ocular Donation



LAS VEGAS, January 28 –

Nevada Donor Network (NDN), the not-for-profit federally designated organ procurement organization serving 80% of the state, is proud to announce it helped save and enhance more lives than ever before through organ, eye and tissue donation. This marks the third record year since NDN’s cultural transformation in early 2012. In 2015, the team facilitated donations from 105 organ donors, which resulted in 322 transplanted organs. The previous record for NDN was 307 organs transplanted from 104 donors. This equates to 48 organ donors per million of population (ODPMP) recovered in 2015 compared to the US national average of 28 ODPMP, making NDN a leader in the industry. As a result of these heroic donors NDN facilitated 146 transplants per million of population (TPMP) in 2015 which far surpasses the 2015 national average of 86 TPMP (Based on data from Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network and US Census.).

Joe Ferreira, President and CEO of NDN says the organization’s consistent growth in the last 4 years is the result of many factors, including a growing staff of highly talented and dedicated individuals. “Our incredible team has worked very hard to change our culture to save and enhance as many lives as possible through organ, eye and tissue donation. We have devoted countless hours to strengthening relationships with our hospital and community partners, whose commitment to the mission of organ, eye and tissue donation is one of the many important reasons we have been able to continue our growth.”

NDN also recovered tissue from 489 tissue donors, which will provide life-changing benefits to thousands of people. Over the past four years, we have seen remarkable growth in all types of tissue donations; most notably a 228% increase in musculoskeletal grafts and a 215% increase in heart valves for transplantation. We have also seen significant growth in ocular recovery to provide the gift of sight. In 2015 corneas were recovered from 1,008 donors, resulting in 1,545 corneal transplants. That is an 82% increase in transplants over the past four years.

“We owe our gratitude to the heroic organ, eye and tissue donors and their families for allowing Nevada Donor Network to provide hope, strength and life to more people every year. Without their courage and trust growth such as this would not be possible,” says Joe Ferreira, President and CEO of Nevada Donor Network.