Record Number of Lives Saved – STA

Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA), a non-profit organ recovery organization based in Dallas, made a record–breaking number of organs available for transplant in 2016. Thanks to the selfless, life-saving gifts of 380 organ donors, 1,210 lives were saved. This marks STA’s highest number of organs transplanted in a single year, topping the previous record of 1,123 organs from 354 donors in 2015.

The 1,210 figure is the largest number of organs transplanted in the state of Texas in a given year. It represents a continued trend of record-breaking years for STA, one of the largest organ procurement organizations in the United States.

“This isn’t just a number. It represents all those who were given the gift of life,” said Patti Niles, CEO and president of STA. “We are very grateful to all those who are registered organ donors and for all the families that have made the incredibly generous decision to donate.”

STA works across the state with 11 transplant centers and more than 200 acute care hospitals to facilitate the recovery and placement of life-saving organs for transplant. The collaborative process ensures that donation is offered in a compassionate and positive manner.

Even with STA’s remarkable milestones, there are still not enough organs available to meet the need. As a result, 22 people in the U.S. die each day waiting. The growing need for organ transplants is due in large part to an increase in diabetes, heart disease and other conditions for which a transplant is the only cure. Currently, more than 12,000 people in Texas and more than 120,000 nationally are in desperate need of a second chance at life and will not survive without an organ transplant.

STA is the bridge between those who make the decision to donate their organs and those needing a life-saving organ transplant. The STA team works in hospitals to guide grieving families through the organ donation process and to provide the clinical services needed to recover, prepare and transport organs to those awaiting a life- saving transplant.

STA is also committed to educating the public about the need for donation and the importance of donor registration by supporting the Donate Life Texas registry.