Press Release from Sierra Donor Services

MARCH 18, 2016 | LAS VEGAS, NV —

Sierra Donor Services (SDS), the nonprofit eye and tissue donor network which serves nearly four million people in Nevada and California, is now providing tissue recovery services for the greater Las Vegas area. SDS, established in 1985, will coordinate the recovery of tissue and corneas for transplants in Southern Nevada.

“We are delighted to begin recovering tissue for transplants in Las Vegas,” says Monica Johnson, Executive Director of Sierra Donor Services. “As the leader in tissue and ocular recovery in Northern Nevada for the last 30 years, we are now expanding our service to include Southern Nevada. We want to extend to Las Vegas an opportunity to optimize service to their residents. Because we are a recovery agency, as well as an eye and tissue bank, we are in the unique position to ensure that donated tissues go back into the Las Vegas communities to save and improve lives.”

Johnson notes that Sierra Donor Services upholds an extraordinary commitment to excellence and is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks and the Eye Bank Association of America. Additionally, Sierra’s entire Quality Assurance Department staff is certified through the American Society of Quality (ASQ), ensuring the highest degree of tissue and cornea transplant safety for patients.

“Sierra Donor Services has supplied more than 1,200 grafts for transplant in Nevada in the last several years,” says Johnson. “And the SDS Eye Bank has provided corneas to 150 Nevadans who can now see again thanks to the generosity of their fellow residents who made the decision to save and enhance lives. With this expansion into Las Vegas, even more Nevadans will benefit from SDS services.”

SDS also provides public education about donation, with a strong emphasis on encouraging Nevada residents to sign up with the Nevada Donate Life registry, at: