December 17, 2019

The Association of Organ Procurement Organizations Comments on CMS Rule to Increase Organ Supply

The following statement can be attributed to AOPO President Kelly Ranum, CEO Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

“AOPO, representing the 58 federally designated organ procurement organizations (OPOs) across the country, welcomes today’s rulemaking from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an opportunity to drive meaningful changes that will increase the availability of organs for transplant and save more lives.

“OPOs work every day to maximize organ donations and bring lifesaving organs to those on the transplant waiting list. An independent, verifiable metric for evaluating OPO performance can be an important tool, helping to identify potential opportunities for growth, in OPOs’ quest for continual improvement. We look forward to working with CMS on implementation of the rule and ensuring the metric is used to drive the changes everyone in the donation and transplantation community wants to see.

“The U.S. system for organ donation and transplantation is among the best in the world in securing and delivering lifesaving organs to those who need them. Last year, 2018, was the eighth-consecutive record-setting year in the U.S. with 10,721 deceased organ donors providing 32,857 organs for transplant, and 2019 is on pace to be another record year. These numbers are more than just a statistic; they represent parents, children, friends and loved ones whose lives are being honored and healed through organ donation. OPOs are committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders to identify and implement system-wide enhancements that will make organ donation and transplantation work even better for those whose lives depend on it.”

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